Asbury United Methodist Church, Cinnaminson, NJ
Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Asbury Seniors

Sharing our heritage through story telling
Here at Asbury we are blessed to have a wonderful group of seniors.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if they had an opportunity to tell the younger members of what an exciting life they have lived!
It is so nice to hear our parents and grandparents tell the stories of how they grew up in such peaceful times.
For those of us who are without anyone to tell those tales, wouldn't a monthly story hour be fun?
Anyone who may think this is a good idea too please contact me and give me your feelings on this idea.
Sweda Hatley

Computer Classes?
Another suggestion has just been made, again from and for our senior members (but why limit it?).  Would you be interested in attending a series of short classes on comupter related topics? 
Two subjects of interest have already been suggested:
  1. use of the internet as a resource to seniors (and others)
  2. e-mail - what is is and how do I use it (safely)
If you would be interested, contact Jim Gleason at
Update: as of Sunday, Feb 4th, we have four people expressing interest.  That's enough for a start, so look for upcoming church announcements for dates and times.