Asbury United Methodist Church, Cinnaminson, NJ
Thursday, June 30, 2022

> Expansion 2007

Pastor John welcomes "Johnny on the Spot" to Asbury grounds  March 25, 2007
Update: Sept 30, 2007...
It was announced in church today that this is the last Sunday that we'll see the wall behind the altar!
Update: Sept 17, 2007...
Asbury Expansion makes the local news - and with a video clip too!   See it all by clicking on this link - Burlington County times story
Update: August 12, 2007...
Tour the 2nd floor with our young inspection team (Pastor's sons) as the building grows upward with the 2nd story wall additions.  See the photos by clicking on this link: Construction Aug 12, 2007
Update: August 7, 2007...
Progress continues as the building really continues to take shape.  See the photos by clicking on this link: Construction Aug 7, 2007
Update: August 1 thru 3, 2007...
The 2nd floor walls are up as the building really starts to take shape.  See the photos by clicking on this link: Construction Aug 1-3, 2007
Update: July 25, 2007...
The cinderblock walls are up and the floors are taking shape as Pastor John inspects the progress.  See the photos by clicking on this link: Construction July 25, 2007
Update: July 20, 2007...
The concrete floors are being poured and you can see them right here in this photo album by clicking on this link: Construction July 20, 2007
Update: March 25, 2007...
Just like the sign says, "Johnny on the Spot" and there he is!  (see Pastor John photo to the right --->)
The perimeter fence has arrived and is secure and ready for construction to start any day!   
Praise God! 
Update: Dec 3, 2006 - Contractor selected!  Groundbreaking done!!
We officially kicked off the new building construction on December 3, 2006 at 3:00 P.M. with a wonderful prayer filled Ground Breaking service and fellowship celebration.  The people and the Lord have spoken! View photos of that groundbreaking ceremony here -> Photos
Note the beautiful rainbow that appeared over the existing church building during an event in 2003 that marked the beginning and a sign of approval from God to this expansion plan --->God's rainbow, a sign of blessing on new building project

    With Asbury United Methodist Church growing as it is, we have undertaken this major expansion building project that, supported by the generous outpouring of church members, is about to move to the "bricks and mortar" stage.  For now, we need your continuing financial support, so keep those cards and checks coming.  God is smiling down on us here at Asbury.
Update: Sept 6th, 2006... We have Township approval!!!!!!  Finally.  It went very smoothly and with their help we have an even better site plan today.  Time to find "THE" contractor, the one that God has in mind for our project.  Please pray for us as we embark on this "discovery" process to find that ONE contractor.
As we at Asbury so often say: 
"It's happening!"


     On this page we will be presenting an ongoing montage of photos and updates on this building project progress over the months to come.  Click here to see:
  1. existing church photo
  2. first level building plans
  3. lower level building plans
  4. building plans - outside views
  5. New building layout - aerial view
Aerial view of the new building plan - route 130 to the right
Aerial View of the new church buildout