Asbury United Methodist Church, Cinnaminson, NJ
Tuesday, January 16, 2018

> Pastor John Doll's medical progress report

Pastor John Doll underwent quintuple heart bypass surgery early morning, Wednesday, March 7th at Cooper hospital in Camden.  In the interests of answering everyone's concerns and questions, the following are update reports as they become available.  See photos below...

Easter Sunday, 4/8/12
Pastor John led the Holy Thursday Last Supper service and was "back in the pulpit" Easter Sunday sharing Sunday Service with District Superintendent, Rev. Varlyna Wright in  a very moving and touching service.  John, while still recovering, has been slowly getting back into things with some time spent in the office and some visitations.  He was there overseeing the children's Easter egg hunt, having done the Children's message at Sunday service and attending the cold, early Sonrise Service at Lakeview.
"HE is risen!" and our John is back to celebrate that resurrection story.  

Baring any unforeseen events, this will be the last "medical update" as things continue to get back to normal for John, his family and our church family.  As the church sign said,

"Welcome home, John!"

Monday, 3/26 4pm
Gwen shares:
Pastor John worked in his church office for 2-1/2 hours today (while Gwen was wrapping Asbury eggs), took a ride to see Aunt Annette.  John has been resting ever since ! On the his comfy chair....
Sunday, 3/25 4:00pm
During a Saturday visit, John shared:
All is going well.  Doctor says he can resume his swimming as a form of cardiac rehab next week, once his chest incision is fully healed and can be submerged in the water. The (glued) surgical incision is really looking great, healing fully.  Going out for doctor appointments, etc. still tires John out and he looks forward to returning home to rest up from that physical activity, a normal part of recovery at this stage.  Visitors and personal chef visits have been most welcome.  (suggest calling ahead just to be sure he is home and not sleeping)
Gwen shares:
John went to his cardiologist Friday and got a great report. Doc says "you look great for someone who had quintuple bypass surgery only 16 days ago". He also had a normal sinus rhythm electrocardiogram. He does not have to go back till June unless he has any problem. 
Saturday, 3/17 8:30pm
Gwen shares: 
After coming back home again Friday evening, John got his first decent night's sleep last night and so DID I. John has been reading the book Tim Concannon brought him and resting on the couch. He has had some visitors which he has totally enjoyed! It's a gift to have friends care about you so much. Most definitely John is enjoying being home again.
Friday, 3/16:
from phone call with John at 7:00pm: he is being released from the hospital to go back home with med updates to control the heart rate and to eliminate the two blood clots in the lungs as reported earlier.
Friday, 3/16
Susan reports:
John was experiencing the rapid hearbeat again last night and they went to the ER around 11:30 pm.  After tests, they have determined that he has 2 small blood clots in his lungs, in addition to the arythmia. They are changing up his medicine and he might be in for a day or two.
Wednesday, 3/14
Theron & Jim visitation report:
Visiting to deliver a home coming gift from the Asbury UMM, we can report first hand that John is in good spirits, following doctor's (and Gwen's) orders to take it easy.    We kept the visit short and sweet in consideration of his first full day home, but left everyone laughing as Theron, Jim and John compared "heart surgery scars" - John won with the longest!
Tuesday, 3/13 (homecoming day!)
Turns out after more medical review of the scans, despite what they were told yesterday, John does NOT have blood clots in his legs ("Praise God!").  After proving he could climb stairs earlier, he is scheduled to be released to home at about 2pm today.  In conversation with him just now, John shared that he has accepted using a walker (reluctantly, but the safest way for now) and is in good spirits, looking forward to this next big step in making a long term full recovery.
Monday, 3/12 8pm (day 5 of healing recovery)
Gwen Shares: I forgot to mention that John got his remaining chest tube out this morning. We are still in CCU 4th Floor. Was hoping to have been moved upstairs by now. John's heart rate still in sinus rhythm, no temp, no pain. Ate hot turkey on bread with carrots. Ate 99 3/4 %. One smidgeon left. John is looking so much better than yesterday.  John is ready for visitors but he is on the wrong floor...ughh. Happy he is feeling up to seeing people. John was able to enjoy a visit from Rev. Jack Johnson. Until he gets on the 8th floor, he will be less restricted.
Sunday, 3/11 midnight (going into Monday) (day 4 of healing recovery)
Gwen shares: Just got into bed, so sad to have to leave John in CCU. A step backwards but I know a step forwards to better health. It is better to find out these problems before you go home! Thank you for all of your encouraging words and prayers. They are working ..... Heart rate still in sinus rhythm. Praying he has a good night sleep. The unit he is in seems quieter.....perhaps this will help him. ... May the Lord multiply our sleep and give us satisfying rest to our bodies and give us strength to deal with whatever comes our way tomorrow....actually today.
Sunday early evening, 3/11 (day 4 of healing recovery)
Gwen shares: Its been a whirlwind today. John is now comfortable back in CCU. His heart rate has been back in sinus rhythm for a couple of hours now but he is stable. The meds are working. He does have blood clots in legs. He is in a good place and the nurses and doctors are on top of this.
Sunday 3/11 (day 4 of healing recovery)
Gwen shares: John's  heart rate is too fast...irregular and they had to try to get it back to normal.  Getting lots of blood tests and they did a dopler test on his legs to check for blood clots. His blood pressure is very low. He is now confined to complete bed rest, no longer on the fast track to going home as hoped earlier. Heart irregularity after by pass surgery is not unusual.  Still lots of fluid draining from chest tube.
Saturday 3/10 (day 3 of healing recovery)
Gwen shares: I left my phone in the message me on Facebook....I'll try to get back to you. John has been and will be my first patient...I'm not on the computer all the time. Just enough time to post an update and check messages later. Emails don't get checked often either.
Thursday 3/8 (day 1 of healing recovery)
Gwen shares: Wow it's been five hours. John was in the chair 11 1/2 hours with getting up 5 times. Developed a fever but doctor not concerned ...this happens when your body fights. The highest 101.5. Did eat more of his dinner than lunch. Appetite down but understandable. Pain is moderate and yet controlled by oral meds. He is being moved tomorrow to step-down unit. Thank you everyone for the messages.
Thursday, 3/8/12 11:20am (1st day after surgery)
Our Pastor took 2 steps this morning! Praise the Lord!! Gwen: I know that everyone is very concerned about Pastor and the family, but please refrain from calling, texting and visiting Pastor John.  I will pass along updates as I have them. Thank you and God Bless you,
- Susan
Wednesday 1:50pm (day of surgery)
I just got off the phone with Gwen. Pastor did have quint ( 5 ) bypass and is resting and out of it but Gwen and the boys did see him. They did have to go through his chest and felt this needed to take place to ensure a more lasting result. Thank you for the prayers for my father and keep praying for the Dolls. It will a longer road to recovery than Pastor anticipated but GOD is Good!!! God Bless you,
- Susan Stoneback (on behalf of the Doll family)